Friday, November 27, 2015

Cocktail Hour-Cider Apple Mimosa

The First Official Fat Chicks Joint Thanksgiving (trademark pending) has ended, and it was a great success. That said, Holly and I set a very low bar when it comes to accomplishing anything major while we're together, and we didn't eat until almost 9.  (I should also mention, I wound up in the ER two days before, with dehydration (like a Hilton) in the middle an icky stomach bug.)

The one thing that got us through?  These amazing Cider Apple Mimosas.  Check it out.

Technically, it's not actually a mimosa since there's no citrus juice, but it makes it sound pretty and it's rather tasty, so no one will mind.  If someone does, show them the door.  We don't need that kind of negativity.  Here's what you'll need-

Just because it's called a mimosa doesn't mean your kids should miss out!  You can make this with sparkling white grape juice in place of champagne for a kid friendly version.

We used a Moscato champagne, but any other variety will work.  Next time, I'll probably try a Brut, as the Moscato was a bit sweet, especially when paired with cider. 

Our cinnamon and sugar is a pretty even blend, but feel free to add less.  The rim garnish hardens to a lovely crystal crust which was absolutely delicious!  

Look at that!  Doesn't it look tasty?  That garnish looks down right professional! While these were amazing for fall, I was pleased that the favor would work so well for the coming holidays, too!  What an easy, quick, impressive drink to show off, just in time for the party season, and celebrating with friends and familes.  Or by yourself.  On a Tuesday.  In sweats.  
Without judgement, 

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