Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Reveal

Ever though we (attempted to)live Facebook the making of our lovely feast, we avoided specifics because post topic ideas are like gold, and we're gonna milk this meal as long as we can. Without any further ado.....

Look at all that deliciousness.  Just look at it!  We made it all....even if bits involved simply warming. Holly didn't own a microwave until yesterday, so it counts as cooking in my book.

When we first realized that my trip home had been extended, and we could all be together for the holiday, the guest count was at 12, and rising.  We knew the menu would include traditional favorites, but we wanted to put some twists on our table, too!  Ideas were kicked around but really, it was a tad overwhelmed.  

Until I discovered this article by Delish, "10 Seriously Hot Thanksgiving Trends of 2015."  The tagline used ("Here's what all the real cooks are doing.") was the kicker, because of course we're real cooks.  This article was obviously for us.  Let's skim the list...

When I first discovered this list, and presented it to Holly with much aplomb (as I do many things.  We're easily excitable people who thrive on presentation) I announced our menu must meet every single item. Luckily, Holly knows us, and suggested we aim for seven.  After some grumbling (for show) I acquiesced. Here's the final menu-

Since it there were just four of us for dinner, we opted to go with a turkey tenderloin instead.  I have to brag that this was the first ham I'd ever made and it was AMAZING.  What would Thanksgiving be without Green Bean Casserole?  We stuck to the traditional here (with extra bacon because of course.) so we won't mention it further.  And yes, that's two dishes of mashed potatoes, as Kiddo barely tolerates taters, and loathes cheese because she likes to make meal planning as difficult as possible. ;)  I didn't even have room to try Holly's broccoli salad until the next day....when I easily ate a bazillon servings over two days.  

Ignore the two types of corn, please.  Holly and Kiddo discovered they both loved cream corn, and Jonny and I have taste, so...two sides of the same veg it was. The stuffings were amazing, and is there anything better than cold dressing for the morning after?  Two varieties again-one for the adventurous, one for the traditionalist.

So how can you make all these amazing dishes?  How did we do with our self imposed guideline? How many pants sizes did we gain?  Stay tuned all this week (or so) and find out!
In exhaustion, 

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