Thursday, November 26, 2015

Welcomes and Salutations!

While we've been running the Facebook page for quite awhile, what better day to officially start a food blog than this, the most foodiest of holidays, American Thanksgiving.

Saint Julia, Patron Saint of servantless American cooks. That works double on Thanksgiving. 

We're hitting the ground running over on our fabulous Facebook page today, so please do join us for cooking tips, last minute recipes, and Kat answering submitted panicky questions.  Later in the day we'll be live FBing out own feast preparations as we celebrate our first joint Fat Chick Thanksgiving.  
You should probably stick around tomorrow, too, for great recipes that bring new life to leftovers.  Of course, then we launch in to Baked Good Season, and holiday entertaining, maybe some foodie gift guides, and even a contest or two.  

Really, you should just get comfy.  You're gonna like it here. 


PS- Facebook Page.

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